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Twelve amateur cooks gathered at The Good Food Studio on Wednesday night last week for session of learning, cooking and a lot of laughs and of course great wine supplied by Chamonix.

The menu for the night sounded innocuous and almost too simple, but oh boy it was far from that!

Arancini, the classic Sicilian street food, made typically from leftover risotto crumbed and deep fried, Lamb Ragu with Tagliatelle and the desert pastry that has worldwide iconic status, cannoli.

This proved to be a hard, long and messy cook. But all the participants powered through to put great plates up for the night. Thankfully, Fabio had made all the cannoli shells, and in the end Chef Jonathan obliged to knock out the filling for the cannoli and our home cooks were able to fill, garnish and taste this amazing pastry.

It goes without saying that this was another awesome cook and great evening spent making new friends and renewing old acquaintances!

Thanks must also go to Icelandic who kept parched throats hydrated with their great water. We can’t wait for the next session later this month.

Cook Italian! Love Italian!