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The Flavour Academy

It has long been a dream of ours to implement this event and finally we are ready to do it. The team is in place,the venue is sorted, the research is done, our recipes are tested and we are ready to kick off!! Andiamo!!

You might ask how this is different from what we do already. Well our culinary style in the restaurants is a fusion of different regions. It is unique and contemporary and reflects our own stamp on Italian cuisine and cooking. Primarily we focus on Northern dishes, where Luciana is from, and fuse these with other regional recipes. This style became more prevalent after our training at the Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria. In addition our Executive Chef, Jonathan Duiker adds another dimension to our kitchen as his international experience enables us to push the envelope. However, in these sessions we will focus on the original dishes, the recipes and flavours, dishes which are found at home and in the trattoria and will reflect the distinct differences in regional Italian cooking.