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When I started to think about this piece I began looking for a point of reference, when I remembered seeing a TV ad where I suspect a newly married couple are eating dinner. The husband literally takes his life in his hands and says to his wife that the dish they had just eaten was not as good as his Mum’s and that she should try her recipe!! Mom knows Best!!

So here we are a few days away from celebrating our Mums again. It is always a day we look forward to in the restaurants with families turning out en masse to celebrate.

It seems that food, cooking and Moms just go hand in hand. Our own “Mama”  is going to feature some of her favourite childhood recipes this month on our Facebook page so please stay tuned for that.

I was thinking about my own childhood and realised that while we always ate tremendous home cooked meals made by my Mum, it wasn’t cooking that was her thing, it was baking. Baking happened at least two or three times a week in our house and there was always a selection of cake, biscuits or buns come tea time. Of course licking the mixing bowl and frosting spoon, (there were no beaters for a long time) was a time honoured tradition that rotated amongst myself and my siblings.

My favourite treat was a hot milk chocolate sponge which recipe my mother knocked out, until a few years ago, using pounds and ounces until her imperial scale disappeared in a move. Today it is my go to recipe, when called upon to produce a quick and tasty chocolate cake.

Memories such as these are indicative of the comfort, reassurance and love that our Mum’s affected upon our lives.

If you have taken the time to read this far we encourage you to share on the comments section of this post your favourite cooking memory or a favourite picture of you and your Mum cooking together. Our favourite pic or story will get you and you Mum into our cooking class at The Flavour Academy.

We Love you Mum!!