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As we sat contemplating the fact that Mother’s Day was receding in our memories, as a team we thought that there should be one last tribute to these important and influential individuals who helped shape us to be who we are today.

We drew inspiration from the Mother of all Mothers, Mother Teresa! I quote this excerpt from The Economic Times Blog of August the 31st 2016
“Flying to Mexico once she refused the inflight meal, asking the airline to give her the cost of it, about a dollar (this was long ago!), for the poor. When the startled pilot agreed, other passengers followed suit and by the time the plane landed she had $129. Then she asked for all the uneaten meals – which she distributed at a nearby shantytown!!”

That is being a Mother on a grand scale!

The truth is that as this year reaches full tilt and we then start to unwind into our December holidays lets not forget about those amazing human beings who have nurtured and nourished us and as we have grown older encouraged and guided us and have always been the perennial shoulder to “cry on”. Literally and figuratively!!

For me my Mother has always instilled in me that I have to be more than my material possessions and for that I will be eternally grateful!!

Un brindisi alle nostre madri – a toast to our mothers!!