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So here we are, restaurateurs whose restaurants serve cuisine that is high on the scale of indulgence. To say the least and to say that the current food trends are a challenge is an understatement.

“Clean Eating” is phrase that comes up often in relation to food trends and may cause some chefs a few anxious moments in the creation of menus. Back in the day when being confronted with a “vegetarian” request we always had pasta and risotto to offer, now specified dietary requirements are the norm, and gluten free, sugar free, lactose and nut free are all requirements that we deal with on a daily basis and as Italians are totally strange. But deal with them, we must. After people out there think that our aversion to of Goats Cheese and fresh Coriander is rather weird.

The truth is that our diners are looking for fresh, natural ingredients and sometimes in their raw state. In addition, many diners are concerned about how these items are packaged and the amount of plastic being used and hopefully recycled. The reality is that as restaurateurs we clearly have a social responsibility to ensure that we look after our planet as best we can.

Beetroot Carpaccio

Eggplant Melanzane

So here at Cafe del Sol, in all our stores we are continually experimenting with and developing dishes that cater for specific dietary requirements.Currently we offer dishes such as Tempura Eggplant Melanzane of fresh tomato salsa, creamy white sauce, fresh Fior di latte Mozzarella, Almond pesto, Parmesan shavings and Basil leaves. (TRE). Organic Beetroot Carpaccio, rice vinegar, pickled beetroot cubes, dehydrated strawberries, orange segments, toasted pistachio dust, Goat’s cheese, arugula leaves served with soy ponzu drizzle (TRE). Gluten Free Fusilli pasta served in a sauce of brinjals. Olives, fresh Basil and creamy Napolitana (BOTANICO)and of course a huge favourite 200g Fresh Scottish salmon seared with a black sesame crust and served with a zesty mashed avocado, fresh grapefruit and a drizzle of our homemade sweet chilli sauce. (BOTANICO) which all in all covers a few bases and takes care of a few of the current food trends. We encourage our diners to talk to us about their requirements as our kitchen teams are always happy to try and assist.

Going forward we plan to take a social responsibility seriously and are considering a variety of strategies in order to do so. Please engage with us if you have any ideas.

In the meantime happy eating!!